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Nichols is committed to timely, transparent communication with our families/guardians, staff, and students! One of the ways we stay connected is through Smore newsletters, which can be viewed online and adjusted to be accessible to a variety of viewers. They are also able to be translated into 130+ languages. Here’s a snapshot of what families can find at Nichols!
  1. Weekly newsletter from Principal Wright: This is sent early in the week and will contain important information about school expectations, events, and more.
  2. The Sixth Scoop: Sent on Sundays, this is a weekly newsletter specifically for our sixth grade families as they mark a transition year into middle school.
  3. AVID Anecdotals: We are so proud of our Advancement via Individual Determination (AVID) students! This newsletter provides a quick update on what our AVID students are doing and learning.
  4. Counselor’s Corner: This newsletter includes information on the types of services that counselors provide for students, as well as upcoming community events and resources
  5. Nichols Visual Arts: