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Culture and Climate

Nichols Middle School
Responsibility Owning Safety Attitude is Positive Respect
  • Walk directly to your locker
  • Put non-instructional technology and backpack in your locker (phones, game systems, headphones/air pods, etc.)
  • Hoods down as you arrive to class
  • Walk directly to your 1st period class
  • Wait outside by your grade level door.
  • Eat breakfast in the cafeteria from 7:30-7:50 if needed.
  • Use school appropriate language
  • Respect yourself (using school appropriate language)
  • Respect others (keep hands to yourself)
  • Respect the school grounds (do not litter or deface on school grounds)
  • Bring all required class materials.
  • Sit in assigned seat
  • Focus on the learning and avoid distractions.
  • Follow teacher’s directions
  • Hoods remain down
  • Get teacher permission to obtain a hall pass
  • Never leave the classroom without a hall pass
  • Go immediately to your destination and return directly to classroom.
  • Use technology for intended school purposes.
  • Use school appropriate language and dialogue
  • Participate as best as you can.
  • Ask for help when you need it
  • Respect yourself (always try your best effort)
  • Respect others (do not interrupt while others are working)
  • Respect the classroom  environment and materials (ask for permission to use materials and keep room clean)
  • Use your time wisely
  • Walk directly to your next period
  • Wait patiently at teacher’s door until greeted to be let in
  • Hoods down as you arrive to class
  • Walk always. Do not run.
  • Walk to your right to allow space
  • Always have a hall pass during instructional periods.
  • Use appropriate language.
  • Use appropriate voice level.
  • Respect yourself (use school appropriate language)
  • Respect artwork and displays (do not touch)
  • Respect hall signs (do not touch).
  • Respect your locker (keep it cleaned, organized and locked).
  • Respect others (keep hands to yourself).
  • Use the bathroom before performance
  • Follow teacher’s directions for entering auditorium.
  • Sit silently in assigned area
  • Follow teacher’s directions for dismissal
  • Keep bags, materials, and technology in the classroom.
  • Do not leave during performance without permission.
  • Sit appropriately during performance.
  • Attend with an open mind.
  • Applaud when appropriate.
  • Enjoy the show!
  • Respect yourself (sit as still as you can)
  • Respect performers (give complete attention).
  • Respect others (keep hands to yourself)
  • Respect auditorium (do not litter on floor).
Lunch Room
  • Bring all lunch and recess materials to your area.
  • Bring signed lunch pass to have lunch in other areas of the school.
  • Clean your eating area of all trash and/or lunch materials back in the lunch bag.
  • Stay seated while eating unless additional lunch materials are needed.
  • Ask a supervisor to leave the lunchroom for any reason.
  • If a table is overcrowded, find an open space to sit.
  • Use positive language when talking to staff and other students
  • Respect yourself (talk with friends but also finish your lunch)
  • Respect lunchroom supervisors (ask for permission to leave lunchroom, get up or move)
  • Respect others (keep hands to yourself and food on your plate)
  • Use the designated play areas for each recess activity.
  • Be aware of your surroundings when using recess equipment.
  • Return all equipment to the correct area after use.
  • Do not stand in an active sports area if you are not playing the sport.
  • Use the recess equipment as intended and correctly.
  • Use positive language when talking with staff and students.
  • Be inclusive to all other students who would like to participate.
  • Respect yourself (be safe but have fun!)
  • Respect the area (do not throw trash or other garbage on field, court, blacktop).
  • Respect others (keep hands to yourself and do not hit others with equipment).
  • Use the restrooms appropriately in a timely manner.
  • Clean up after yourself and all materials after using the restroom.
  • Use bathroom equipment as intended.
  • Do not deface the bathroom.
  • Do not use technology in the bathroom area.
Keep to yourself while in the restroom.
  • Respect yourself (use the restroom appropriately).
  • Respect the bathroom (clean up after bathroom use).
  • Respect others (keep conversation to a minimum while using the bathroom).
  • Walk directly to your locker when dismissed from class.
  • Collect all materials you need to take home.
  • Walk directly to the nearest door for dismissal
  • Charge instructional technology for use overnight (ipad, laptops, etc)
  • Follow classroom dismissal procedures.
  • Walk safely through hallways to your dismissal door.
  • Wait patiently to exit through the door without shoving or pushing.
  • Walk immediately home or to your after-school destination (sports, Rober Crown, etc.)
  • Use positive language when talking with staff  and students and in the hallways.